Small Precision Carbide and High Speed Swiss Tooling

Hard-to-find carbide Swiss tooling, including left-handed tools are standards at Helfer. Just give us your tooling requirements and we will deliver to your production schedule.

Small precision carbide tools

All our tools are made of high quality carbide with precision tolerances held to .0002 inches, or .0001 inches if customer specifies.

  • Four-Flute Broach
  • Step Half Round
  • Ream and Radius Spade Drill
  • Piloted Carbide Slitting Broach

Swiss Polygon Cutters and Escomatic Tooling

Swiss Polygon Cutters and Escomatic Tooling

Helfer Tool makes a wide variety of polygon cutters for TOR-4 and M-7 Swiss machines. These are made either carbide inserted or from solid carbide.

Check us for your escomatic needs. We can supply your tooling needs in either C2 or micro-grain carbides. We now stock D2, D4 and D6 blanks.

  • Carbide Inserted Polygon Cutter
  • Escomatic Tools

Cutters and Reamers

Our craftsmen produce a wide variety of cutting tools for a diverse field of customers such as: aerospace, electrical, medical and fastener industries. Helfer Tool produces precision tools in either carbide or H.S.S.

Cutters and Reamers
  • Rotary Form Cutter
  • ID Recess Tool
  • Rotary Form Cutter
  • High Speed Spade Drill
  • Carbide Spade Drill
Cutters and Reamers
  • Step Reamer
  • Carbide Step Reamer
  • Step Reamer
  • Carbide or High Speed ID Broach
  • Carbide Step Form Reamer